She certainly does, the little madam. But she’s adorable all the same.

How come, when the dog taps me on the leg, I obediently move over to the “wrong” side of the bed to make room for her where I usually sleep?

Maybe I’ll give it an unofficial name. They were only the most impressive mushrooms - plenty of others to be seen, all different types.

They say the version I have is out of date (which is odd as it should be updating), so I just need to ftp it, remove the plug-in folder then install the most recent version, see if that works.
And make a note that it doesn’t seem to auto-update.
Fingers crossed that works, as until recently, it’s been a solid, unobtrusive, but useful plugin.

Mildly frustrating. I'm hoping just a backup failed & corrupted something, but I don't want to uninstall, disconnect my sites & reinstall until they check the error message. Something about uncaught error class 'UpdraftPlus_Manipulation_Functions' not found, then a long list of stuff. 🤷‍♀

Yes it's working, but I've had to disable my backup plugin (which I pay for), so I've submitted a ticket to UpdraftPlus in the hopes they can tell me what I need to do. Looks like the last backup was in August! That sneakily stopped working, and has now crashed my site.

I know the site is a bit of an unnecessary luxury, considering I have to pay for hosting, etc, but it has allowed me to learn quite a lot so I'm loathe to abandon it (unless I really run out of money!).

Possibly. Some incompatibility - can't be me, as I've not made any recent changes to my site.
I use Ulysses for simple posts, as it tends to work fine. Unfortunately the WP dashboard is less than slick. It's ok, but fiddly on a phone and I tend to use my phone or iPad. I only use the Macbook if I'm going to need to sftp in and edit files directly - that's so much easier with a "proper" computer. But now it's all set up, I don't need to.

Well that was fun. Went to post some photos on my “main” (ish - well, my Indieweb-compatible Wordpress site), using Ulysses as I usually do. Now, often it fails to post if I have a lot of photos, but works fine once I switch to my much faster 5G connection. Just now, neither worked, so I went to log in to my site admin & got a critical error message. I also got emails giving me a link for a recovery mode copy, and once I got into that it turned out that my backup plugin was returning errors. To get my site to work I’ve had to disable the plugin. Bit of a nuisance, as I pay for that. I’ve copied the error message so might have to send it to Updraft I guess - means nothing to me, of course.
Happy days.

Thank you.


Glorious. Considering we had torrential rain last night, and more of the same is forecast, I think we got the best of the week today. There’s nothing better than being outside in weather like that, especially in a quiet forest, surrounded by nature. Restores my soul.