It's the old Filey Road - A165 - at the Osgodby Lane end, facing down the hill to the south. It used to be the main road to Filey, but they finally built a new road as the cliff eroded a bit much! Think it shows as Osgodby Hill on a map now.

Happy Christmas all, from a chilly Yorkshire.5a0fdb0d-6ba4-4ecb-b9d3-01b93825eca5

I suspect most are local. It's a mixture of pleasure boats and working boats round here. Used to be a very busy fishing industry when I was a child.

Even more empty space. 8247aac0-58d2-46c3-8b25-30bc9d5a964625a1a0ae-5dff-461c-b833-6c640e8f7cfd

Oh I’m getting good at that! More to follow shortly - off to a usually-deserted beach now. Make the most of the sunshine!

A different kind of social distancing today. Glorious winter sunshine.

Puppy on the beach.

Oh yes, although it's a trade-off between warmth & dexterity. I still feel cold this morning though!


It was just the parish church, so not the best acoustic just there. I spotted one incorrect note, but that was all.

Thanks. She's got a good voice. Luckily for her my sight-reading is good - though I'm familiar with the song anyway - as she sent me the music at 10pm the night before we recorded, with a note to say she was cutting various bits. Fun - but then that's what I'm good at. Playing keyboard for an outdoor carol service this afternoon, as long as it doesn't rain.