Grief no. Done from a photo I took earlier in the year. Don’t think I’m quite ready to work from real life - or in public - yet! Done working on a lap tray in my lounge. I might try some in situ when I get up to Yorkshire (hopefully early next month). My mate can run interference on the puppy then!

I haven’t yet, but I’ve only been painting about a month! I might do, if I can find appropriate mounts & frames. At the moment I’m still testing out types of paper & learning what I can and can’t do. This is another small one, slightly less than A6.

A Dorset scene for my latest watercolour. Quite pleased with this one (I know, such modesty).

Oh I do. It's not good for mental health to spend too much time isolated, as I discovered last year. Mind you, I’m much better now, but still have to be careful. I’m really missing the choir work I do. ☹ I wouldn’t mind, but our non-existent summer concert included a piece I had arranged. Thwarted!


I don’t think any of my friends who live alone (myself included) think being separated from almost all human contact for months has been a pleasant experience at all. Even those who don’t live alone have missed social occasions, though they have coped better.
I don’t mind solitude, but having the choice of human company taken away is not much fun.


Weird. I replied to something, it posted twice, so I deleted one. Then got a message on both Home & Global saying no posts available. Have refreshed & all seems well, except my reply has vanished (not that it was very interesting, but still…)

It was a delightful couple of hours. Very hot out, though!

She was fine, kept a reasonable distance. Was curious but didn't bother them, so they didn't bother her.

People ride out there (my friend has three horses), but also the New Forest ponies live there & have right of way throughout the forest. It’s tough when visitors arrive, as they drive too fast, don’t give way & ponies (especially foals) get killed. There’s an ancient system in place there, where certain people, called commoners own the ponies and have rights of pasture in the forest. A British quirk, but ponies have lived round here since before the last ice age. It’s a history locals really cherish.

Glorious weather today. And a lovely catch-up with a friend whilst walking in the New Forest with our dogs. Human companionship much appreciated.