She almost always turns away when I point the phone at her. We'd just had a long walk and I think at this point bacon was upper in her mind.

Oh she was fine; she's always happy to go to the groomer, but she's not keen on having her photo taken.

All I wanted was a nice photo after she’d been to the groomer. But no…



The lovely rose is doing its thing again.


So glad I don't live in Japan! I find 16-20 to be an acceptable temperature range. It's been mid-20s here for a few days and I'm melting.

Exactly what I was thinking. 😂

Well, by then I'll be 65. I rather hope my health holds out long beyond that age, but there's no guarantees.

When your domain manager emails you to advise of price increases on ".com" from tomorrow so you renew for 9 years. I'd forgotten about that - and it looks rather weird (possibly rather optimistic) to have a next renewal date of February 2031!

She was probably at least 10 years older than me. The friend who died 6 years ago was younger than me - she was 46. And a friend the same age as me has just been diagnosed with advanced cancer. Heck, my best mate’s younger sister (50) has stage 4 cancer and is in year 4 of survival when the 5-year survival rate is about 5%. She’s on some new treatment and is beating the odds for now, but who knows… She ain’t gonna make old bones.
I’m doing my best to use these as reminders to live life as best I can. Who knows when our time is up. And, of course, all my other friends/family are still here - but that’s not how the brain sees it, is it.

August keeps on giving. Not content with being the month in which both my parents died (4th & 28th), and a good friend (27th), yesterday I found out that another friend died suddenly on Friday.
Nearly September…