Smart! Nice to know you're a real human being, too, not just a greyscale avatar. 😂

I know! 😂That’ll be the watercress and spinach. Tastes great though.

Home-made soup put together from assorted veg that came with my veg box. Potato, carrot, marrow, onion, garlic, spinach & watercress. Plus seasonings and spices. I haven’t made soup for a good few years now, so quite pleased with this. Tasty.


Yes, when this was mentioned, my first thought was that you had been having similar issues. I shan’t be putting my heating on much in future. Hopefully any power cuts will be scheduled blackouts so I have time to charge up all the power banks/torches etc. I’m sure it will be fine. I just wish the government hadn’t wasted so much money on Covid.

Too hot. Fractious and grumpy now.

Not helped by looking at social media/news. £5K per year domestic fuel bills forecast. Power cuts in winter. Welcome to the future - once bills go up I doubt they’ll come back down again. In the meantime, record profits for the energy sector. How many household’s bills could their excess profits & bonuses pay for, I wonder.
And we have a government who are completely useless - along with an equally useless opposition.

Oh The Guardian is a joke. I subscribe only to the puzzles app.

Allegedly just 3-4 more days of >30°. It's becoming boring now. I like to enjoy some of my summer, out in warm days, but at the moment I’m just hiding indoors most of the day., trying to accumulate sleep - still only averaging 5.5 hours a night. That’s a significant deficit compared with my preferred 7-8 hours.

😂 And generally more pleasant to see, I reckon - whatever your proclivities.


Precisely. Strappy things with less coverage than most of my bras! My boss loved it - young ladies in skimpy tops, and low-rise trousers, so whenever they bent over to pick up files we all got a lovely view of the thong of the day. No class whatsoever.


Oh, nooo. I really don't know what people see in him. But then I've always had a preference for scrawny, lanky types.