I know! Scary isn’t it. She’s certainly made all the isolation & lockdowns here bearable (just), although I’m sure I don’t get anything like as much done during the day, thanks to walkies, playing ball, playing tug, acting as a dog cushion etc. But hey. I love it when she climbs up onto me after a walk and settles in for a nap.


18 months old today. How time flies and every day she makes me laugh, makes me feel safer, braver and loved. 728f8b89-138c-41f8-9512-4a790c266e7c

In The Pale Moonlight, It’s Only A Paper Moon, and most of the ones involving Section 31. Oh and Little Green Men because it made me chuckle.
I gave up on DS9 in about the second season when it first came out, so I’m pleased I finally got it watched. Better than I remember.
Voyager is a re-watch for me.


Huh so there’s a new version of Carrot weather out - with a much higher subscription (fortunately a legacy one applies). Not sure I like it…

Finally seen all of DS9. Now on to a re-watch of Voyager.

😂 And why ask a question that is ridiculously easy to find the answer to.


The one thing I’m permitted to do every day in this pesky lockdown - go out for exercise, aka walk the dog. Weather forecast for the week: rain. Not making life any more fun. ☹

At the moment, mostly yes. The prospect of another two or more months of this really doesn't appeal. Nor do further restrictions, although given I go out only to shop for food, or to walk the dog, there isn't much more they could do to me. Wearing a mask in the open air is a rule I would ignore, should it come in (which is my main worry) as when I'm out it's for exercise, so anxiety, panic attacks & asthma make it unwise.


Aaand another day in lockdown begins, with threats of tighter restrictions and news that people are still having raves, house parties, gambling dens etc.

I've been shouted at (again) for simply walking along the pavement and not getting out of someone else's way quickly enough. Because clearly I have to do that, it's not something that should be mutual.

One of my friends messaged yesterday & it sounds like she's really struggling with this lockdown. She has a husband, but I think not seeing her girls and the grandchildren is really hurting this time around. I'm hoping I can provide some kind of support for her just by being a friend to talk to.

The dog has now definitely had more haircuts than me (my last two appointments have not happened because of lockdowns). At least she looks adorably cute.

And it's raining. 😡

I hope you are all coping with the various weather conditions and lockdown regimes in your corners of the globe.


It certainly is.