I know! Loyalty gets you nowhere nowadays. Ironically, some of the cheapest deals are offered by companies which are owned by BT, who I'm leaving. Crazy world.


Just saved £19 a month by switching my broadband provider. £340 in my pocket rather than theirs over the 18-month contract. 😀

You know the morning coffee is well overdue when, having ground the beans, you proceed to tip over the full Aeropress, rescue it, only to knock it and the mug flying in your next move.
In other news, liking my new grinder and also the local supermarket Brazilian beans. Aaaand relax…

I haven’t worked for a year now, but luckily I don’t need to - at the moment. It would have been nice if my little organ-playing gig hadn’t succumbed to the Virus, or that already-measly interest rates hadn’t collapsed, but overall I’m lucky.



It was lovely to get back to peaceful walks with just me and Poppy, plus a few other dogs & their humans that we came across. A bit warm & humid, but otherwise fine.


Population density in local forest park much more to my liking now. 9a4191c7-e32d-4b67-b0e3-4140962372ee

I worry that things will never go back to "normal".


Hooray, children back at school, which hopefully means my favourite park will be quieter. Aaaand then they announce that Parkrun is starting up again next month. Boo, hordes of sweaty runners ruining early(ish) weekend mornings. This year is a never-ending stream of pissed-offness.

That never crossed my mind! What a caring puppy. 😂


Apparently fireworks now need to be barked at, then huffed at from a suitable vantage point.