You like to live dangerously then; several of those countries aren't known for being the safest places on the planet!

Yes, considerably cooler. It's about 29° in my bedroom now, so hopefully outside being lower will reduce the inside temp.
We're really not geared up for warm weather here - and I know it's a lot cooler than other places in the world, but you do acclimatise, I think.
Is there a lot of aircon in Japan?


She lies on the floor in the lounge, but upstairs she prefers to monopolise the bed. The tower fan blows across the bed. She has a coolmat on the bed, as well, with a damp towel on it - though I confess I'm using it too at the moment.
I think we are forecast for 28° max tomorrow, which is a start, cooler again on Friday. I'll believe it when it happens, last Sunday this was all going to be ovee by Tuesday.
My friend in Canada did message me to apologise for sending their heat over. 😂


I hear you. Even hotter today, but managed to keep the temp upstairs at 30°. Seriously going to invest in an aircon unit before next summer. It's not fair on Poppy. She could also downstairs, which is cooler, but she stays with me.
Still, she has her cool jacket, even if she likes to wear it in an unorthodox manner.


Supposed to ease off from tomorrow - but they've been saying "tomorrow" all week. It's probably cooler outdoors, but it's dangerous for Poppy & also for me. Even with Factor 50 on I burn quickly. Luckily the grass on my back lawn is pretty long, so Pops can cool off on there, and I do have a bit of shade. I am struggling - 20° is fine, anything above 25° and I'm not happy. There has been the first-ever extreme heat warning issued in the UK for my area. I know other places deal with this all the time, but they are far better prepared, the UK isn't.

Yup. Got a tower fan going and an evaporative cooler with a freezer pack in the water. That was running for a few hours before bedtime.
29° in here this morning. We're not geared up for this heat.

Still 30° in the bedroom. So much for sleeping. Allegedly, after tomorrow, things might start to cool down a little bit.

Yeah, the midges love it.

I could almost understand it if I was blonde, but I’m not. 😂🤣 Complete brain fart moment. Luckily I don’t get many of them. 🙇‍♀

Moody sky this lunchtime. Followed by a grumpy me, when I managed to take out the car park barrier on leaving the park. I saw the "drive through" sign and did. Seemed to have escaped my attention that it was for the car in front, not me. In my defence, the time I usually go, there's hardly any other cars leaving in front of me. And I had a migraine starting so was more focused on getting home to medication. Barrier survived and no damage to car, so all ok in the end.