Yup. Got a tower fan going and an evaporative cooler with a freezer pack in the water. That was running for a few hours before bedtime.
29Β° in here this morning. We're not geared up for this heat.


Still 30Β° in the bedroom. So much for sleeping. Allegedly, after tomorrow, things might start to cool down a little bit.

Yeah, the midges love it.


I could almost understand it if I was blonde, but I’m not. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Complete brain fart moment. Luckily I don’t get many of them. πŸ™‡β€β™€


Moody sky this lunchtime. Followed by a grumpy me, when I managed to take out the car park barrier on leaving the park. I saw the "drive through" sign and did. Seemed to have escaped my attention that it was for the car in front, not me. In my defence, the time I usually go, there's hardly any other cars leaving in front of me. And I had a migraine starting so was more focused on getting home to medication. Barrier survived and no damage to car, so all ok in the end.


Absolutely - they need to know what they can bite and what they can't. Oh and spiders need to be taught to be useful outside only. That way we can coexist. Ticks, though, they just need to be burned with flame throwers. πŸ˜‡


Yuck. My walk round the lake today was spoilt by clouds of midges. Horrible little buggers.


Not too bad today, just a bit tender. I'll have to be careful not to do things with that hand too much. Last night I put dressings on, but today just a plaster. Tonight, uncovered, see what tomorrow brings.


Yeah, done that, too. I need to get some new gloves, the ones which are joined together. My pair have worn out. The single ones never come in pairs here, so I end up with one the "wrong" way round, with the pattern on the palm. Consequently I put the glove on my right hand and then proceed to do things with my left, instinctively.


So, last night, I was putting a pizza on the oven rack & the rack slipped. Of course, I decided to grab it with the hand that wasn't wearing an oven mitt. Got some nice blisters on my second finger, right up near the palm of my hand. And a few burns on my index finger. Luckily spending 30 minutes with my hand in a jug of cold water seems to have mitigated the damage. Could have been a lot worse.