Meat isn’t necessary, as long as you get protein from another source. It’s just tasty and an easy source of protein.
Other than bacon, I rarely purchase meat, though I do eat it.

Ooh, apparently I can now have full fibre broadband - for an additional monthly payment from £18 to £40, depending on the speed I want - 150Mbps to 900Mbps. Reckon I’ll stick with my current package, puny as it is, it’s fine for me - though I know that at some point I’ll be forced onto full fibre, as they want to turn off the copper wire service.

It works with most online retailers, and thus far has been fine with Apple. 🤷🏼‍♀

Regularly, with Amazon. And any online purchase. The authorisation asks me to approve in the NatWest app & all is fine. And it’s been my Apple card for years, so any payments have gone fine until yesterday (Apple One, app subs etc). Then I got a message in Apple saying the card needed to be verified by the issuer so I put info in but nothing happened. Would just hang.
I tried to purchase an app, which went all through the authentication in the NatWest app, returned to Apple & “confirmed in app”, Apple said ok, but the actual app hung & then I got authorisation denied.
Be nice if someone could fix it…🤷‍♀


Well, in my determination to evict the spider late last night, it seems I also forgot to lock the front door. Good job I live in a quiet area, and have a gobby dog. 🤦🏼‍♀

Hmm. All very annoying as I keep that one card for online purchases only. But I don’t mind Apple having my other card, I guess. And to be fair I’ve not had an issue with that card and PayPal or Amazon. We’ll see what happens I guess.

Hmm. The card people tell me that the app dev hasn't implemented the strong authorisation properly. Of course.
This morning I have added the card to Apple Pay without problems but still can’t add it to the App Store. So all purchases will go via ApplePay in future - to the same card. Hopefully. It’s like talking to a brick wall with nobody accepting responsibility.
I wouldn’t mind it but it was a zero transaction ffs! But still additional authentication. 🤦🏼‍♀

Bloody Apple/Credit Card people. Apple wanted me to update my card - it kept saying transactions were refused in the App Store. But it wouldn’t accept the info. Managed to add another card, delete the old one (eventually, after many attempts). Went to re-add it as I usually keep one card only for online payments & the issuer declined to let me add it to Apple and my Apple Wallet. Now awaiting an update from the issuer as to what’s up - nothing untoward showing in my account with them.

Grr, one of those days. Time for a large gin.

For sure. Mind you, my quivering upper lip tends to result in a large gin now and then.


They can, and I hope they do. It's becoming more acceptable with time, which is a good thing. My parents' generation were very different; stiff upper lip and all that.
Good friends are wonderful things to have. I feel blessed that I have a core group of very loyal friends.