Beautiful out today. Much cooler and breezier, which seems to have driven away most of the people. Saw a few on my way out, but nobody on the return, until getting to my local park, whereupon a dog off lead tried to have his evil way with my baby girl. That’s why she’s on a lead and has a harness with a handle so I can whisk her up & away.

We could choose one. Not that we’d likely ever agree on one. And if we did, Jason might not like it. 😇


How did you get that?

Yes that's how you add photos. I have to admit the icons aren't exactly self-evident - well not to me anyway, but it took me many years to figure out the scissors & paint brush in Windows. I think my brain works a bit strangely.

These are my phone. I took my little Panasonic long zoom, in case the cormorants were around, but they weren't. I tend to take the Fuji if I'm going into the forest, for its depth of field control (& gorgeous lens), but often it's just the phone. Very impressed with the camera on the 11.

Short (not really - 4.5 miles) walk this morning. 23 steamy degrees outside. I really envy the people who can go walking in shorts, scrappy tops & sandals. Me: hat, long sleeves, jeans, trainers & rucksack. Even then I could feel the sun getting through my top. Safely in my dark lounge now. 😇 It was lovely out though.

Thanks. I started out considering a more teal & purple colour, but then Andrew showed me this new one he'd done & I knew it was the one for me!

Birthday present to self has arrived - custom made ring with synthetic opal inlay. For those who were there, it was made by spacecab from ADN. 6d74b4d5-0331-4e92-95ce-7b74cf21688cf5f8df2e-8752-43ec-ac86-559583d4e0e1

Why? Definitely can’t parse that one! ☹