Yeah, just read that. Not many of them left now.

I don’t use it - too public! Not that I use the back lawn either - I don’t sit out much & it’s Poppy’s play area really.

As for winter, I’m not sure. Currently it’s just moss really, so if I cut it in Autumn, maybe just back to that? But that’s something to think about.


Same here, although some parts of my garden are covered with weed-suppressing membrane.
Mind you, my front “lawn” is nearly all weed or moss. I’m seriously thinking of just sewing wildflower seeds and seeing what happens.


Photo printing has always been rubbish. Even when I set up a print sheet using Affinity or something, it doesn’t always work. Printers are evil things.
Mind you iOS print options are somewhat lacking, I find. I end up going via HP to get some of the options I need (changing the edge for double-sided printing, for example).

Just duplicate the photo and crop/rotate the copy…

He will forever be the voice of The Wombles to me. I loved that series when I was a child.


Well it seems my services are required for another funeral next week. On the 5th anniversary of my Dad's death. I think it's for a woman, though, so at least I won’t be listening to people talking about missing their Dad. Not sure I could cope with that…

Well that worked: Japanese Ambient music on and straight to sleep. Over 6 hours - quite an achievement for me lately.

Played for a funeral today. Only some background music while people arrived and a couple of hymns. For which I get paid £50, apparently!

I’ve watched some of Lower Decks & am enjoying it.
Loving Strange New Worlds too, although I’m currently binge-watching The Orville. 😇