Here's a little thing I did this week. So good to get back to accompanying again.

Yes, that's nice. Trees can provide that sometimes, too. I'm about to head out into the fog - but only with the phone so it will be interesting to see how that copes!

They do, maybe because there’s so little to distinguish one day from the next. Some days I get lots done (pictures painted, things made) but others just seem to slip through my fingers.

I know! I took one, once… Fog can be nice, but just damp gets boring. I shall try to look for interesting shapes. 9df0689d-6b61-4344-825f-1749199097a2

Greetings 10C friends. No nice scenic photos to post - been a murky, rainy week. My brother's dog is allowed to meet with other dogs now she's a lot better, so I was invited over, until the new levels of imprisonment were announced by our government. No visit, can't collect my new guitar. Boo. ☹
Made some things out of leather, still battling a sinus infection, and, just like that, another week is over

Ah that might explain why it looks a bit fuzzy. Mibd you, I'm still not quite over the shock of watching TV in 4:3 rather than widescreen. How quickly we forget.

I've just got Britbox so I also have s load of 60s & 70s UK Sci-Fi to get through.

I've been very happy in my TNG bubble for the last week or so (with a small break for S4 of The Crown). It has reminded me just how much I adore Star Trek. Probably always will.


TNG rewatch complete. Now commencing DS9 - which I never actually completed, so looking forward to this. Something positive from the wreck of 2020…

Definitely, she was zonked most of the rest of the day. Curled up on my lap or beside me.

Oh she did. They certainly played with great gusto.

Ha ha. In a good way, yes. They went mad playing - much more than I’ve ever seen Poppy do.