She tolerated it. Usually after a few minutes of playing she comes and pats my bum to remind me that I should be giving all my attention to her. She didn’t today, just sat & listened/ignored me. I think she sensed I needed to play for a while in order to relax a bit. Dogs do seem to know stuff, don’t they.

Hmm, just played the whole of Beethoven's Pathétique Sonata for the first time in, ooh, about 20 years. Easier than I remember it,

Yup, Same on my contract, even though I have unlimited data etc I get an additional charge for an MMS. Seems odd but I guess it forces people to find other ways - although most of the people I know insist on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. 😳 I do have a number of friends in the Appleverse, which makes it a bit easier, but the rest don’t care, even those who profess to be concerned about security etc.

Just a few walk photos today.
The “main road “


And a pretty cottage down one of the back roads - which mostly isn’t road, more a dirt track.


So do you quit? Or just scale back your effort & use the headspace gained to investigate other options? Though the economic situation is somewhat unstable at the moment.


Absolutely bucketing down here. Poppy is not amused, even though we did have a wet walk earlier.

That's still 4.5x my best speed.

Just finished making something I hope never to use. Tried it on - instant sensation of being suffocated. 😱 334d3997-e46e-4cf1-ae9d-25c7a21e3d61

On my blog page - I guess that's Anri. I press delete then "delete this post" but nothing appears to happen. If I refresh the page, it has gone, but no confirmation pops up.

Does exactly the same using Opera mini on the iPad.