Because it has been so dry- it’s a “false Autumn”, where plants are conserving water to stay alive, which results in browning leaves & some dropping. Particularly the ferns as they prefer a more damp environment & up there it is usually quite wet.
The purple one is a heather. Instinctively I associate heathers with September, so it seems early, but I don’t know if I’m right on that.
The soil up there is quite varied. In some parts it’s genuine pale sand, almost like a beach, others sandy heathland soil and in normal weather some permanently wet bits. When it’s wet it can be quite boggy.
That’s partly why I love the whole area - this runs from Verwood and to the east it morphs into Ringwood forest. Trails can be sandy one minute and under water the next. Loads of water courses that just appear, or soak the soil from below. Sandy ridges, dank deep forest, lovely light, many tumuli and, if you walk far enough towards Alderholt there’s Cranborne Common nature reserve. All of a sudden you come into a flat, open field with completely different habitat.
Most of my out-for-a-walk photos are from this area, or Moors Valley.

Created a few of this type of design today, but I think this one turned out the best.
The joys of playing around in Procreate as a method of procrastination…


Thanks. There was a nice light this morning.

It was. We had a super time, just peace & quiet. This area is on the edge of the forest, just a 5 minute walk from the northern end of town. I had to water my friend’s plants, as she’s away, so I thought, while I’m there… Always good to walk among the trees.

Yeah, but I have to avoid getting back to where I was in 2019. That was a very dark place. I don’t think I will, I think it’s just that it has been too hot and I’m very, very tired. I’m not a summer person & August is a difficult month for me.

Not the best of days. The Fitbit told me I had 3.5 hours sleep. Only half what I need. That (I think that was the cause) resulted in a day of higher than usual social anxiety. Poppy took me out for a walk and then was suitably cuddly for the rest of the day while I read a book on Anglo-Saxon poetry describing the seasons. Well, I read a small bit, as it’s really rather full of information.
Also finished my writing-out of another book of the New Testament. Plenty left to go though, but I enjoy the quiet contemplation it gives me.

Yeah. Soon be Autumn/Winter. And probably non-stop rain.

☹ She really was an abusive person, wasn’t she.

Well, the heat has abated somewhat, but the humidity has increased. End result: still unpleasant.

Wow my resting heart rate is between 76 & 79. When asleep it goes down to the mid-60s, but no lower. I have always had a fast heart rate, even when I was younger & fitter.