No, they left it with the swell closed, so quiet was feasible. Looking forward to the return of full choirs, no masks & a congregation allowed to join in. Aside from the four hymns and an anthem, quite a lot of the normal service is sung: Gloria, Benedictus, Agnus Dei etc, but not at the moment. Still, really good to be back.

Ok, first shift on the organ this morning since the pandemic started… Out of practice - just a bit. Not the old service format, as congregational singing is still illegal, only allowed a choir of six and they have to sing with masks on. Oh and although the organ has been tuned, it's missing its swell pedal, as that's away for maintenance. Just hoping the tuner left the swell closed, not open, or I'll drown out the choir even using the quietest stop. 🤦‍♀

Be better if it was an American Aeropresso card.


Yes, in pretty good working order. I agree, it’s nicely mechanical, has stood the test of time. I believe it’s a 1980s model, so not all that old, as typewriters go. Some of them fetch silly money now, but this cost me £35.

I know. Thought nothing happened so did it again. Hey ho.
yes, a bit of cleaning inside & out will take place, but it’s in fairly good condition really.

New toy just arrived. New ribbon in & working fine.



I got over 7 hours last night - first time for ages.

Love it!

Well, it could be a bit cold at the top, and cloudy, which means humid. Scottish mountains are always topped with murky mist.


Probably! I used to find Scarborough summers humid, being on the coast. One or two days of sunshine followed by dense sea fret as the warm air took up all that lovely moisture!
Maybe somewhere halfway up a Scottish mountain??