He really does act like a spoilt child.


Yes. A new walk to me. It’s the southern tip of Holt Heath, about 10 minutes away by car. I’ve walked the western part, but this time we kept to the more wooded area, apparently away from other dog walkers. Took some flowers over to my parents’ resting place & this is about halfway there. It’s gorgeous & often very quiet. Perfect.


Oh well, yet again the photos have shown in the opposite order to which I selected them, so the walk shows backwards, not that anyone except me would know that.

Lovely peaceful walk this morning, accompanied by the sound of a cuckoo.

The puppy reached 9 months old yesterday. I even subjected her to a watercolour of her. It does look a bit like a dog…

As usual, Adam nails it. Though you know I agree about his Tribe. Awesome group.


Indeed. Quiet now, all the brats have presumably been taken out by their parents.


Ahhh, the blissful sound of bird song, of a snoozing puppy - and children hollering at the top of their lungs.

You could never have worked for my former employer. We used something called “eg” software which timed & categorised every piece of work done to the second, including toilet breaks, drink breaks. Any “non-productive” time was challenged by directors. It was sold as a way of allowing us to bid accurately for contracts (agreed), but turned into one great big stick to beat people with. Management became a numbers game, just manipulation of statistics. Yes, I was very happy to leave.


True - & I keep up with your bread adventures via Instagram.