That’s the “daily money spent” screen. It always goes beserk when the unit prices change - but the first time it happened I was more than a little panicked!

😳 At least this time my energy supplier had the common sense/decency to send an email out during the week, warning of this glitch. Previous one never bothered.


I can imagine! It’s not all that warm down here - a balmy 15° in my lounge at the moment.

So true. The UK media, for the most part, are simply appalling and seem to be intent on stirring up trouble at every opportunity. Not to mention the overuse of hyperbole. I saw a post yesterday about someone horrified and devastated because a mortgage deal had been withdrawn. Annoyed, upset perhaps, but not sure it warranted “horrified”. The same thing happened to me in the 1990s, as I was looking to buy just as Tony Blair was elected. Frustrating, but that was all.

I’m reading a rather good book at the moment, by Yoram Hazony, on living a (small-c) conservative life. He’s interviewed on this week’s Irreverend podcast. Very erudite, articulate and interesting man.

Just checked in on the news apps & Twitter. Now thoroughly depressed at the state of things, so back to my avoidance approach I think.

Much better, thanks. I’ve rested it as much as I could for the last couple of days and it’s improved significantly. Bit of a relief, not least because I have a lot of driving coming up.

It seems to be intermittent. Global is fine now but not last night. Mind you on my iPad I can’t type anything unless I have the Apple keyboard in use. If I left the keyboard on the Swiftkey one then it doesn’t come up at all. I’m sure it’s me/my devices, just a bit confusing for an old brain. 😂

Pondering why it is I can’t view a conversation thread, or reply to a post when viewing the “global” stream. It always catches me out and I have to switch to the “home” feed. You would think I would have learned by now!

I know, they are just so very funky.


Except for the being around babies bit. I think I'll stick to birds. I'm not child-friendly in any way.