You have Council people mowing grass!! Round here it's nearly waist-high in places. Allegedly to increase "habitat" for animals (when we are definitely rural, surrounded by farms, forest and heath). Nothing to do with saving money.

Excellent. It’s absolutely vital for me. I have reduced shoulder mobility after having two frozen shoulders, plus very tight calf muscles, for some unknown reason. I also get fibromyalgia-like flares every so often, so this kind of massage pretty much keeps me moving comfortably! It’s also nice & relaxing - mostly. Some awkward manoeuvres to release joints, but not too bad.

It was a lovely day - until about 2 hours ago when a Canadian friend of mine messaged to say she has breast cancer. There’s always some bad stuff to bring me back down to Earth with a bump. ☹

Just had my regular full-body remedial massage. Next, shower, then some online crossword solving over Zoom, followed by coffee at a friend's. Almost life as we knew it.

It certainly would!

I'm not sure the eyes see as well as cameras, but the brain does a wonderful job of filling in the gaps. Although apparently the answer is 576, so I guess I'm wrong there. 😂

Hope you don't get any nasty after-effects like I did. 🤞

Hmm, kind of appropriate as I grew up about 40 miles from York.


👍 I didn't know that. I knew you attended church. I may get confirmed one day, but starting at the beginning! Except as an adult it feels more significant than a christening as a baby.

Not at all. Church of England. I happen to like my local parish church very much, so after being been to all kinds over the years, I have kind of settled here.