From what I've read you can bump up to extra storage - otherwise I'd be the same as you, having to go for the highest tier, when I'm not interested in News (tried it - rubbish) or the health thing. So I plan on getting the first tier while continuing to pay my £6.99 for 2TB storage. I'm on a 3 month Apple music trial at the moment, preparatory to One & ditching Amazon mysic unlimited. Plus my free Apple TV has just been extended to February, but I want to keep it going.


Sometimes I do, yes. 😇

A mug of freshly-ground Brazilian Santo Antonio coffee and a snoozy puppy. Good way to spend a windy & rainy day.
That and a very restorative full-body massage this morning!

The puppy is clean & tidy again - for a while! 3a50c86e-9097-4ad7-b607-9450c4f20353

Ohhhh the turtles. ADN was a great place. It was the first place online where I really connected with people - to the extent that a lot of us are still in touch and are people I consider real friends. So unfair about Maddie. Two friends of mine have died of stomach cancer, both far too young & it’s just awful.


Very true. Still, just had a sports massage attend to my back, the sun is out, so when the washing finishes I'll take the puppy for a walk in the country park. Not 15K steps worth though, and fairly even terrain, which is easier on the ankle.

When my friend was visiting I did a couple of 15K step days. My ankle is just starting to recover, after 10 days of support straps & a compression sock overnight. Currently hitting about 8K a day. Hoping to give it a test on Thursday.

This virus - or people’s reaction to it - is killing the arts, music in particular. It’s a tragedy & breaks my heart. I’m missing my choirs hugely; feels like part of my identity has been ripped away.

Thank you very much. 😀

Hmm, when I go to my site, it's fine but if I click into one of the posts (from, say the recent popular posts menu at the bottom) I get a 404 error. That shouldn't happen, should it ? Same on both hazardwarning and mydnyghtrose.