Yup. An altogether more comfortable time.


7 November, all being well.


Pretty much got a date fixed for my baptism now. Yeah, I know, most kids get baptised as babies, but not me.

An even better morning. Forest walk along some different trails from usual. Saw a tawny owl gliding amongst the trees. Absolutely stunning sight.


No, zoom from a few feet away. Difficult to get butterflies to stay put for macro shots. I just grabbed what I could while they were feasting.


Pretty butterfly. Loads of them on the buddleia this afternoon.


That’s for sure! Totally under the paw, but I don’t mind. Time with just me and Poppy is time well spent. She’s been so good to have around through all these lockdowns.


Nah she was contemplating a snooze. We went to a secure dog field today, with another dog. Much ball was chased, and tunnels raced through. Wore them both out pretty well.


Pensive puppy.


How much?! My water bill is under £10 a month. But then I don’t often use the hosepipe & there’s only me to wash (& occasionally Poppy).