Although, the Bittern is more common than the great white egret (35 wintering birds in the UK). And, be reasonable, I have photographed the only known albatross in the northern hemisphere. I think I'm doing quite well really. 😂

That would be quite the photo to get!

Yes, I like them. I found some in my Dad’s collection, so ended up getting a few off eBay so that I had sixpences from each of their birth years, mine and my brother’s.

I did the same with the old thruppeny bit, as I’ve always loved them, even when I was very young. It used to amuse me that they were so much bigger than a sixpence.


I really don’t know - I should look it up!

Took the little Panasonic zoom camera out with me this morning, in case the heron was on the lake. It wasn’t, but this was.




I wish, but sadly no.


Except I could probably get one of those to drap me around on a sled or something. They need far more room than I have. Saw one the other day though. Such sweeties. He was very gentle greeting Poppy. She just sat down and gazed up at him.

I have been going through the coins I inherited - mostly British, some going back to the 1890s. They aren’t worth much, but there’s something I like about old coins.


She can go without a walk occasionally (if it’s too hot, generally), but it’s not ideal, no. Today we are playing ball up & down the stairs, so I get to rest my knee a bit & she gets to play her favourite game. We walked a lot yesterday, and she’s not a particularly hyperactive breed, luckily.
Back to walking tomorrow though. Gentle terrain & not as far as yesterday.

Lots of walking around yesterday, but a lovely day out. Unfortunately, on Friday something in my right knee gave a nasty crack and squelch, so it’s rather sore. It coped ok with the walk but is sore today. Playing organ this morning seemed harder than it should have been. Now absolutely wiped out!