New Experiences

After having been on ADN for a while and joined in/listened to some conversations, and after a conversation with a friend over dinner this week, I decided to investigate domain names.

I wasn't too surprised to find my real name not taken, as it isn't a common name (although I do know of someone else with the same name). So I grabbed the dot-co-dot-uk variant. While I was there I looked for domains with hazardwarning & found dot-com & dot-co-dot-uk were taken: I wasn't surprised at that at all. So I opted for a reasonably-priced dot-me-dot-uk one. Now I have these for the next 10 years. I have put a very basic web page up for hazardwarning, which just has links to ADN, Twitter and Wordpress, all of which share this username. I haven't added 10centuries yet - I would need to find out how first. I imagine I can edit the wp link code - by now it should be pretty clear that I am fairly clueless when it comes to the wider web! I thought perhaps it was time to learn. I haven't got any web hosting per se (the domains come with 3 pages, email accounts & a blog, all of which should keep me busy for a while). To be honest I don't really see that I have the need for a full website really; not at the moment anyway. My more technically-minded brother has muttered things like "email server" - I left him pondering such things!

During all this I discovered that my initials were not taken as a username on ADN. They are now. Only as a wee free account. Someone asked me if I was going to change my username, but I had decided not to. As I said earlier, the hazardwarning username seems to have become my web presence now, so I'm sticking with it - despite someone on Twitter begging me to give it up, so he could have it. Something to do with being a fan of a footballer called Hazard, that I had never heard of.

Onwards and upwards (or should that be "outwards") into the wider web world….