Not really, more philosophical, but only gently. A science guy and a humanities guy, who is also a pastor, and they chat about “stuff”. The conversations wander, get deep, go funny and they challenge each other’s views, dissect them, but all very gently and I’m hooked now. I usually manage to learn something, or at least get something to think about.

Ooh, new No Dumb Questions episode for me to listen to. Can’t really put my finger on why I enjoy this podcast so much; it’s just nice to listen to.

It would give me a reason to go out more, for sure. And some company.


They usually do over here, I think. I would have liked to, but thought there was no way one would get there in time from the UK.

I have been in touch with a fairly local mini Schnauzer breeder & they have a litter due next month. They didn’t say they are oversubscribed or anything, so depending on how many puppies arrive, I might get the chance to have one. Theirs are the “salt & pepper” colour, whereas my brother’s is black. I met one of the previous litter at a garden centre last month & his owners recommended the breeder. The pup was a sturdy, gorgeous, friendly & happy little chap.
So, fingers crossed…


Ohh, that will be lovely for you. Very proud parents.

Ooh very nice. Enjoy, I’m saving my leave until I know if I’ll be getting a 4-pawed friend in October - so that if I do I can take time then to settle him/her in.

Hot off the Plurk press, Michael “the frawg” is home from hospital.

Thanks. I thought I was getting the insomnia under control, but this cold has thrown it right out. I’ve never had a completely sleepless night before - not since I was out partying as an irresponsible youth!

Guess so. Started feeling rubbish last week, so it’s taking its time. Nothing significant, not enough to be off work, but enough to make me feel crap.