Oh just for enjoyment. I get by, but it's not my main instrument.


I’m very pleased with it - nice, sweet, rich tone. Glad I opted for Pearl over Yamaha. Though to be fair, Yamaha make good instruments right across the range. This just has a bit more for the money - silver mouthpiece.


They seem to. Very happy with this. Couldn’t really afford to spend more/enough to get a silver one, part or whole. This has a silver mouthpiece, at least. I had a Yamaha lined up, but after listening to some demo sound files, the Pearl had a much sweeter tone, so it won. It is more than good enough for my moderate ability.
Good practice for my asthmatic lungs, as well.


Got myself a new (replacement for old, battered one) flute this week.


The world has gone mad - our overlords are trying to implement such things across the world - there’s a lot of protest in Europe. At the moment our government is holding off on vax passports though I think they are mandating vaccines for care home workers. And trying to coerce school kids into the vaccine. A vaccine which doesn’t prevent transmission anyway, so the passport thing is illogical. Of course at the same time they are relaxing travel restrictions. I reckon they’d love a new variant to come in so they can lock us up again.


Went to the local country park, last evening, to see an installation soundscape and display called "Gaia". Couldn't believe how busy it was! We got there at 7.15pm and eventually got to where the thing really started at 8.55pm. It was viewed from a treetop trail; a narrow wooden structure which climbs up into trees.
Just as we reached the top of the ramp, all the lights went out. 15 minutes later the message filtered through that we all had to leave - a "technical issue'.

Lots of very unhappy children, not to mention the parents. Some people decided to push past everyone to get off. I had to pick up Poppy to avoid her being trampled on - she wasn't happy about that. Nor was I, as that put her higher up than the safety rail. Well done to the selfish people,

Anyway, I got a few photos through the trees, have to admit, the iPhone is pretty good at night shots!



Definite plus points. I can’t bear slobbery dogs. Or slobbery humans, to be honest.



Excellent. She looks full of character.


Poppy has a habit of standing and staring at me when she wants something. Just now she was sitting by the lounge door. I looked up, then back at my book. Moments later she was closer & then closer still.
I immediately thought of the angel statues in “Blink”. 😱 Now I think I’m a little bit scared of my dog. My brother said: “don’t blink or read your book”. 😂