It certainly is! It can be very hard to appreciate (or even find) the good things when it seems to world is in chaos and news media are only interested in promoting drama and conflict.
I've just been for a walk at Kingston Lacy, with friends, followed by lunch at a very dog-friendly farm shop café. Autumn colours, fresh air & good company. That'll do.


Thank you. It was such a lovely service, very personalised for me.

No she didn't. That would have taken 5 of her at least!!
A little bit different, yes. Comforted, perhaps? Maybe relieved - I made the decision a while ago, but pleased it's "official" now. Over the last year or two I have done a lot of reading and thinking, so it's been a gradual process (not to mention most of my adult life). I have certainly found some mental calm and have been a lot more appreciative of all the things I have and the good things that happen.
I used not to like the ritual of the Anglican church, but I now find it comforting. Hard work, when I'm on organ duty, mind, as it's a sung mass, so plenty to keep me busy. 😂

So yesterday I did my thing. It was a lovely service - though my brother, who originally said he wanted to come along, before he realised he was at a New Order gig the night before, sent me a text at about the time the service finished to say he had just woken up. 🙄 Luckily (?) for him services go on YouTube shortly after the livestream has finished.


Some nice sunshine up in Yorkshire.





Oh just for enjoyment. I get by, but it's not my main instrument.

I’m very pleased with it - nice, sweet, rich tone. Glad I opted for Pearl over Yamaha. Though to be fair, Yamaha make good instruments right across the range. This just has a bit more for the money - silver mouthpiece.

They seem to. Very happy with this. Couldn’t really afford to spend more/enough to get a silver one, part or whole. This has a silver mouthpiece, at least. I had a Yamaha lined up, but after listening to some demo sound files, the Pearl had a much sweeter tone, so it won. It is more than good enough for my moderate ability.
Good practice for my asthmatic lungs, as well.

Got myself a new (replacement for old, battered one) flute this week.


The world has gone mad - our overlords are trying to implement such things across the world - there’s a lot of protest in Europe. At the moment our government is holding off on vax passports though I think they are mandating vaccines for care home workers. And trying to coerce school kids into the vaccine. A vaccine which doesn’t prevent transmission anyway, so the passport thing is illogical. Of course at the same time they are relaxing travel restrictions. I reckon they’d love a new variant to come in so they can lock us up again.