It does rather seem as though puppies are a lot easier than children!

Not really, it’s fairly quiet & sedate. 😀

Yes. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but walkies have to be had and I'm glad we did. Poppy just loves being out and she still needs socialisation so she grows up nicely. She met a couple of dogs today, which was good.

I went to the local park this morning with some trepidation. It’s popular with dog walkers so I thought it would be busy. It wasn’t.


Poppy had a run around and we walked back through a wooded track along the river. I’m now feeling a lot less stressed & anxious.


Sensible, it's a big space. After encountering rather too many families out with their children today I'm tempted to suggest kids should be rounded up & stored somewhere like that. I know I'm a grump, but they ought to be at home during the school day - if for no reason other than to give the rest of us the space to get out safely.


Walkies time. Won't be going this route again - had to avoid far too many families out with their kids. Shame really.

Apparently they are turning a big exhibition space in London into a Corona Hospital.

🎶 There’s a kind of hush all over…. 🎶 though I did see a friend out, both walking our dogs. Very quiet otherwise.

I have a garden, so she can play outside, as long as the weather holds. Normally we go out for about an hour in the morning & 30-40 minutes in the evening. I don’t really want to lengthen her daytime walk, she is still a puppy, after all. She will get used to it, just a change to her routine. We can play tug of war in the evening, do some training. Not like I’ll have anything else to do, apart from occasional shopping. Can’t even meet up with friends any more. Even though I don’t mind living alone I think I’m going to find this really hard.

Who wants to tell the puppy her evening walk is cancelled? Me, then. 😕