Good to read. 16° and rainy here - but then I start to fade much over 22° so I doubt I could cope with the weather in Japan!

Hello there. Lovely to see you. Hope all is well with you and yours. Over in the UK the world appears to be falling apart, but my immediate existence is full of coffees with friends, walks with my dog, piano and organ-playing, and generally pleasant things.

Yuck, just had to remove a tick from Poppy. Half-dead I think, thanks to her tick collar, but must be time to order a new one. Sigh.

Between me and the dog I’m sure they’d be a recipe for disaster. Though I guess there must be lamps that run off candles- not a naked flame. I rather like candle-light. I’m going off the idea of a switch on the outside now. Knowing me I’ll get out of the shower & try to operate that with wet hands. Back to a new pull cord switch, I reckon.

I don't mind them as much as I used to, as they don't involve wofk,

Pouring with rain - which should help the hayfever, at least.

Bathroom pull cord for the light switch has come away, so that’ll be me calling the electrician soon. I'm tempted to get him to relocate the switch to a proper one outside the bathroom, as they don't break as easily. Always something, isn’t there. And it’s only Monday. ☹

I think it must have been, judging from the typos in my post. I guess that’s what happens when I pick up the phone and don’t put my glasses on. 😂

I know - one of my friends spends a lot of time rebuilding consoles and old computers. There’s something very satisfying about the older games. I used to play a lot of Guild Wars, then Guild Wars 2. Eventually I gave up (partly because of the strain on my hands - they would seize up if I played for too long), as the game became just too complicated for me. Guess I’m getting old. Time for a nice game of Solitaire. 😂

I’ve seen some of it & did enjoy it.

Probably not, because of compatibility issues - you’d have to keep old hardware or run a lot of virtual machines.
I got one of the latest Civilization games a few years back. Hardly ever played it, much preferred the original Civ, but I have nothing to run it on now.