No, I don’t. Even when I did live in a flat I had a balcony and views across SW London. I know I’ve been very lucky & I love living where I do now.

I do like Autumn. Lovely walk this morning. I actually walked to my counselling appointment, registered Poppy with a vet & booked her in for injections, popped into a hardware store & back home. Step target hit by 10.30am. 😇



Indeed. Houses get smaller, too, not that many could accommodate a church organ of any size!

That’s the sort of thing I tend to do! More on the Mac than on iOS. Haven’t installed the most recent update yet… Used to do the same on Windows back when I could.
Although, I have been tempted to install the iPadOS beta on my Air2 (3rd iPad).


👍 Fab. This is still the social media site I use/check the most.

I do wish we had some kind of notifications on here. Conversations do stutter for me when I forget to check the site regularly.

No. Not even a little electronic one with an octave of pedals. My Dad used to have, but he swapped to a keyboard years ago. Certainly no room to replicate the tracker-action one I play at church. I have a keyboard, an electronic piano and a “proper” piano, that’s all in the keyboard section.

I have considered getting a midi pedal board, as it’s my pedal technique which is rusty, of course. But they aren’t cheap & there’s the no income thing at the moment.

Organ and guitar this morning. Traditional hymns and modern ones. Keeps me on my toes, I guess. Good fun.

❤ ❤ ❤


Spot this afternoon’s cunningly camouflaged companion (a friend’s dog).