True. Maybe the question should be why is it necessarily wrong? God help us when we get to the book-burning stage.


That’s pretty much spot on. Humans seem programmed to go looking for conflict. I’d much prefer laughter, much better than conflict.

What?! Seriously. People need to give themselves a good slap - & then kindly exit society stage right. Or left.
No more children’s books then. What about women writers whose main character is male & vice versa (or have I missed that one already). The world has gone totally mad. Bonkers. We need to buy that little island for all us sane ones.

I know what you mean! I have been out, dog walking & food shopping, but nothing else.

Once our government said it was ok to travel to exercise/be in the open air, as long as you didn't stay overnight, the hordes arrived. Some even camped out on beaches. Sunshine + idiots. We've had countless forest and heath fires started by discarded BBQs. Initially the car parks & public conveniences stayed closed, to deter people from going too far. So the visitors just blocked the roads. They brought food & drink with them, but didn't think they had to take their rubbish away with them. And as for toilet activities - you can imagine. I know a lot of people were fed up with staying home - but so were we, yet we ended up doing just that, because all the places we usually go were too crowded. And now, the R-rate in the south-west of the UK is 1.0, maybe a bit more even , so there's talk of regional lockdowns again. So we pay the price for other people's stupidity.

No doubt next time it's sunny it'll be the same again - and all those people who have demonstrated/protested today will cheerfully come down here and spread even more virus. I understand that people feel strongly about what happened in the US - but if those same people even utter a word about social distancing, not sending their kids to school, or going back to work, then I might just lose my rag.

Trust me, some of us definitely benefit from being covered up as much as possible - for the sake of others.
Be fun if I got on public transport: fully clothed, hat, tinted specs & soon a mandatory face covering. I’ll order that burka thingy now then! Luckily I don’t use public transport - and although I do possess some mask-type things I would possibly opt for a Buff sort of covering. Assuming it didn’t affect my breathing, being asthmatic etc… The inestimable joys of 2020, huh.


Back door is open. But yes, it is. My problem was that the line crossed my lawn, which is a lake for most of the winter, rendering the line impractical at best. A rotary near the patio would be best, but they aren’t attractive things…
In winter I tumble a lot of clothes, because - always wet weather.

Oh dear. That’s what killed my Dad. Incredibly hard to watch, although he didn’t suffer much pain. Still gives me cold sweats thinking back to those last days. 😥 Never underestimate how tough it is, for all involved.

It’s called a conservatory. 😇 I took my washing line down. Might get a rotary one some time, but don’t really need it.

Spayed definitely. Vet advised to let her have one season first. I know there’s a debate around that, but at 6 months she was a little immature still to be spayed. And since then the virus has interrupted things. So she’ll probably be just over 1 when she has her op, as she’s 9 months now.

When the in-season puppy simply won’t settle to sleep… She said she wanted to go out, then just sat there. Got her in & she didn’t follow me upstairs, so here we are at 2.30am. She’s now fast asleep…