How did I get to 12pm without coffee?! Ah yes, walked dog, posted a card, mowed a very overgrown lawn, then stopped for a very late breakfast & coffee.

She didn’t get long enough with them. And she doesn’t slaver too much, bless her. I couldn’t have a dog that drooled. Ewww, yuck.

Now that brings back some memories! I was rather partial to Turbo Pascal. I did get to like C in time though.


Got some new weights for shoulder/arm strengthening. Poppy is sulking now cos I’ve taken them away from her. 🤦🏼‍♀ 🙄



I wasn’t very hungry. Had crisps later on.

Dinner tonight: rhubarb & ginger gin + tonic. 🥴

I have a 4” deep memory foam topper on my bed. It largely stays in place just fine. Had to get extra deep fitted sheets to cope with it though.
Wonderful if you have aches & pains of any kind.


Nah, it was nearly dinner-time. Though any time from 4pm is stalking-because-it-is-nearly-dinner-time time. From around 4.30pm the sit and stare gets deployed (dinner is at 5pm). Schnauzers. 🙄

Random Poppy pic- cos she’s cute.


Hmm, it is a worry! I have plenty of warm clothes. 😈