Something we apparently should be doing. Or, in my case "get fit".
An hour of quite good fun, actually - especially as I go to one designed for "seniors", but with my weight and number of injuries I'm nursing, it's quite enough for me.

Looks like a recipe for disaster! 😱🙈

Oh I shall, don’t worry. Not got a busy week, so that’s good. Podcasts, audiobooks & lazy days for me. And Poppy snuggles, of course. Seeing as she is hardly ever more than a few feet from me. Love my little girl. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling, without both her and your boy. You really should have custody of Nozomi (& access to your boy, obviously). ❤

Thank you. Just another reason why I hate summer. Although, I am wondering if hitting myself in the face hasn’t made things worse. Could be a coincidence of course, though the bridge of my nose is still very tender to the touch. Got an eye test booked for Friday afternoon, so at least they will be checked over.

Out early with Poppy. Home & wiped out. The headache is getting worse again & thanks to some loosening off of blocked sinuses, my balance is crap. ☹ Have ditched Keep Fit, which is a shame, as I enjoy it. Switched to my bifocals, which is helping. Now to redouble my efforts with the decongestants, but the weather doesn’t help. Not looking forward to the rest of this week all that much.


Agreed, but it must be rather therapeutic.

Can you send the thunder this way, please? I need something to shift my headache. A good thunderstorm usually does the trick.

Seems reasonable.

Yeah I did nod off downstairs. The dog would probably bark anyway - but they didn’t bother delivering in the end. It’s back at Southampton. Again. Hopefully it will arrive today, with another order. 🤞