Completely agree. It has been too much for me. And boring, cos I just can’t do anything.

So you weren't taken out by the tropical storm, then?

Have you tested the yeast - it is possible to get a bad batch, or for it to die in hot weather? You wouldn’t think the flour would make a difference, but who knows what they put in things nowadays. Hope you can sort it out, like you say, flat bread has its uses, but it’s no good for a lot of things.

Yeast got old?

She is. But she’s my family and my pal.

We should be dropping down to around there after tomorrow. I can’t wait. Nor can Poppy. She’s desperate for a nice wander in the forest. She doesn’t like early morning walks - even at 7am she gives me the “get up now - really” glare. Then she enjoys her walk, but the minute we’re home she legs it upstairs and back onto my bed. 😂 She’s a funny little thing. Had breakfast out with friends this morning, which she loved. Then she proceeded to flirt outrageously with any and every man that passed by. She gets away with it, though & gets all kinds of fussing from them.

I like my soups blended, except proper minestrone. I’ve shied away from soup in recent years after a spectacular blender malfunction when the lid flew off and my kitchen got redecorated (& I got a bit burned). But I bought a hand blender when Dad was I’ll, to make it easier for him to eat. Forgot about it & found out the other day. It does the job - only one slice of carrot evaded it. I have to admit, I love a nice bowl of soup. Even in hot weather.


Smart! Nice to know you're a real human being, too, not just a greyscale avatar. 😂

I know! 😂That’ll be the watercress and spinach. Tastes great though.

Home-made soup put together from assorted veg that came with my veg box. Potato, carrot, marrow, onion, garlic, spinach & watercress. Plus seasonings and spices. I haven’t made soup for a good few years now, so quite pleased with this. Tasty.