New Experiences

After having been on ADN for a while and joined in/listened to some conversations, and after a conversation with a friend over dinner this week, I decided to investigate domain names.

I wasn't too surprised to find my real name not taken, as it isn't a common name (although I do know of someone else with the same name). So I grabbed the dot-co-dot-uk variant. While I was there I looked for domains with hazardwarning & found dot-com & dot-co-dot-uk were taken: I wasn't surprised at that at all. So I opted for a reasonably-priced dot-me-dot-uk one. Now I have these for the next 10 years. I have put a very basic web page up for hazardwarning, which just has links to ADN, Twitter and Wordpress, all of which share this username. I haven't added 10centuries yet - I would need to find out how first. I imagine I can edit the wp link code - by now it should be pretty clear that I am fairly clueless when it comes to the wider web! I thought perhaps it was time to learn. I haven't got any web hosting per se (the domains come with 3 pages, email accounts & a blog, all of which should keep me busy for a while). To be honest I don't really see that I have the need for a full website really; not at the moment anyway. My more technically-minded brother has muttered things like "email server" - I left him pondering such things!

During all this I discovered that my initials were not taken as a username on ADN. They are now. Only as a wee free account. Someone asked me if I was going to change my username, but I had decided not to. As I said earlier, the hazardwarning username seems to have become my web presence now, so I'm sticking with it - despite someone on Twitter begging me to give it up, so he could have it. Something to do with being a fan of a footballer called Hazard, that I had never heard of.

Onwards and upwards (or should that be "outwards") into the wider web world….

Just one more....

Ok, so I fibbed a little. Another favourite photo - from Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire, earlier this year.

Image from Felix

Outside view of Sherborne Abbey

Last one today, I promise…..

The abbey is made of a beautiful, dark yellow-brown stone. As is most of Sherborne it seems.

Image from Felix

Sherborne Abbey

I love to photograph stained glass windows. It started really because I took some photos in Wimborne Minster and my mother used one to make a card for a friend. Since then I have always looked for a good shot. She was with me yesterday in Sherborne and particularly wanted this window. Unfortunately there is a tree outside, so no way to avoid the shadow. Beautiful window all the same (one of many).

Image from Felix

Despite some dismal weather (though not as bad as it

Despite some dismal weather (though not as bad as it is today) I visited Sherborne. Had a lovely lunch in a cafe called The Three Wishes, then visited the abbey, camera in hand… What a beautiful place. Far more ornate than I expected. A bonus was that someone was playing the organ, so got to hear the full power of organ music filling the church.

Image from Felix


So…. to get me started (hope it works), a photo taken on Bournemouth beach a couple of weeks ago. Early morning, glorious sunshine, beach just recently raked, still empty of people. What could be better.

Image from Felix