Diamine Misty Blue Ink

Diamine Misty Blue

One of my new inks. I ordered this one as Marine was out of stock. I had decided that was my preferred ink. However, Misty Blue was my second choice.

Ever since being forced to use Royal Blue Washable ink at primary school, I have rebelled against all blue inks. For day-to-day writing I still use Parker Black Quink. It has served me well over the years and I don't intend to change.

However, I decided that I had far too many pens with black ink in and I could probably make good use of some different colours, particularly when making greetings cards. When I put my order in for a new fountain pen (a TWSBI Diamond 580), I added three bottles of ink, of which this is one.

This is a photograph of a sample, admittedly not taken in the best quality light, as it is a drizzly winter day. I think the colour looks reasonably accurate though, just slightly darker than "real life".

I like this ink and I can see myself using it, possibly even as a general writing colour. It is a reasonable compromise between too-blue and too-turquoise. The depth of colour is nice and it manages to make my shocking handwriting look half-way decent. Sometimes with a fine nib, black ink can look a little thin, whereas this doesn't.

In summary, pleased with the purchase.