March Books

Only two completed books in March. Yet again, life got in the way. Despite having a week off work, I didn't get much reading done; most of my time was taken up ferrying my father to his radiotherapy appointments. I listened to plenty of music, though and maybe some of my sleepless nights would have been better spent reading, but if the mind doesn't want to escape into a novel, it won't go.

In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen

Started 21 February
Finished 12 March

February's Kindle First. I enjoyed this novel. It is set during WW2 & I have to say it probably wasn't what I expected. Firstly, I assumed the author was male, which turns out not to be the case. Secondly, probably as a result of the first, I assumed that the story would be more of a mystery novel. It contains a mystery, sure, but it reads more like a romance novel. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just a bit of a surprise.

Once I got used to the story, I found it easy to read. It was just about plausible, if somewhat almost quaint at times. I doubt I'd seek out other books by this author - a bit light for my taste.

Mystery Man by John Dickinson

Started 12 March
Finished 21 March

I didn't know what to expect with this book, as the title implies. I felt as confused as the main character for some time . I thought "ah-ha", the writer breaking the fourth wall, as it were, and interjecting his commentary on events. Or was it?

The novel centres around a man named Bentley, who ends up in Yorkshire, with no memory. The story is set in the Whitby area; a place no stranger to being a setting for gothic tales. That could be a clue in itself, although less so for me, as the author is a friend - my former primary school teacher, who was a very positive influence on me when I was young. To that end, the story is set fairly local to where I grew up, so I didn't make the association with the gothic as readily as someone else might. And no, the main character isn't a vampire.

Bentley receives kindness from the locals, falls in love and tries to find out who he is and about his past. Gradually his story unfolds and becomes quite shocking and slightly far-fetched, but intriguing enough to continue. Towards the end things take a very different turn and once again I was surprised, in a good way. Certainly an entertaining read and it kept me guessing.