Developing for Android

Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to download some tools for Android developing. I'm not really sure why, especially as it seems to be based around Java and I did really well when I tried to learn Java some years ago - not!I have made several half-hearted attempts to get back into programming in recent years. Two problems with that: the amount of spare time I have (not a lot) and the fact that I can never decide what I want to make with any programming skills I learn.However, I possibly have a basic project to start with for Android. I don't like many of the note-taking apps. They are generally too complicated for my needs, although very useful on occasion. I had a favourite note app on my phone, but it doesn't work very well on my Nexus 7 - unreasonably slow. So I might aspire to making something along those lines,Of course what I would love to do is write a cool Android app for ADN, as there are so few. But I know nothing about programming for the web and I believe these things involve having servers and such. Not that it wouldn't be a good thing to learn about. We shall see. Old dogs, new tricks….I opted for Eclipse with the Android plugins, rather than Android Studio. I might try that later on.Also, I might just use this blog to record my progress - that is if it stops calling me "Vanessa Under" every time I post!!