March 2018 books

I've had a bit of a 1980's-referencing kick in March, to judge by most of my listening.

Tonight You're Dead

By Viveca Sten
Narrated by Angela Dawe

Started 9 March
Finished 12 March

A further book in the series of murder mysteries set in the Stockholm archipelago, primarily on Sandhamm. I enjoy these, as they are gentle books (for ones containing murder). I don't think this was the best one I've read/listened to, but enjoyable.

We Are Legion (We are Bob) (audiobook)
For We Are Many
All These Worlds

by Dennis E Taylor
Narrated by Ray Porter

Started 12 March
Finished 23 March

Having read all three of these books in succession it made sense to lump them together, not least because I loved them all equally. Thoroughly entertaining science fiction, full of attitude and snarky humour. I shall miss the Bobs.

In short, a guy is killed, having signed up to have his head frozen after death. Then he wakes, to find he is now a disembodied mind who is in line to be put in charge of a spaceship. Off he goes, clones himself, and gets involved in colonisation of other planets, battles in space, romance, saving alien species, to list just a few of his adventures. There is plenty of humour, some scary parts and some beautifully touching bits. I loved the humour, plus the frequent references to popular culture during the time Bob was alive. Clones and new worlds named after astronauts, tv Sci Fi characters and locations, Sci Fi novels (or not quite, as in book 3 when a planet is mis-named by the omission of a letter).

I'm sure the books are good, but the audiobooks are brilliant. The narration is superb; each "Bob" is identifiable, without becoming comical. Some of the most entertaining readings I've listened to. Unless you loathe Sci Fi and/or have no sense of humour, I would highly recommend these books.

Ready Player One

by Ernest Cline
Narrated by Wil Wheaton

Started 26 March
Finished 29 March

I enjoyed this, particularly the narration by Wil Wheaton. A few times I felt the writing was a little repetitive and occasionally a tad boring. For the most part, though, it was an entertaining listen. The references to the 1980s was fun, much as it was in the previous three book I listened to. I don't know that this is a particularly memorable book, but certainly enjoyable enough to keep me listening rather than watching tv.