October Books

This month has been another one devoted to audiobooks. I have been rather tired, to be honest, and curling up with puzzles/drawing while listening to a book has proven to be soothing and relaxing. I have started some kindle books, just not finished them. I am reading a non-fiction history of the Templars and a novel about the Cathars. I'll get through them at some point!

Outlander (audiobook)

By Diana Gabaldon

Narrated by Davina Porter

Started 10 October
Finished 13 October

I read this book many years ago and loved it, so have read all the subsequent books in the series. I also watched the TV adaptation, which was almost as good as I had hoped. I decided to re-purchase the books on Kindle and with them, the audiobook. I really enjoyed listening to the story. The narrator does a good job - these books are pretty epic, with this one coming in at about 32 hours, which is the shortest of them. One of the later ones clocks in at 57 hours!

Amnesia (audiobook)

By Michael Ridpath

Narrated by Sean Barrett

Started 14 October
Finished 18 October

I enjoyed Michael Ridpath's series set in Iceland so thought I might try another of his books. This was good; the plot developed nicely and intrigue was maintained. I felt a little less involved with the characters than I did in the Fire and Ice series. Nothing wrong with them, but I just didn't find myself warming to them particularly.

La Belle Sauvage (audiobook)

By Philip Pullman

Narrated by Michael Sheen

Started 20 October
Finished 27 October

Excellent, as one expects of Philip Pullman. A worthy successor to the His Dark Materials trilogy, and I look forward to the next book. The narration is the best I've heard yet, but then, no more than might be expected from Michael Sheen.

This book is set when Lyra is a baby and tells of a young lad who ends up having to look after her, rescuing her from danger. It starts fairly slowly, but then picks up pace and is a riveting ride.

Dragonfly in Amber (audiobook)

By Diana Gabaldon

Narrated by Davina Porter

Started 19 October
Finished 27 October

Like slipping into a cosy pair of pyjamas. I have read all these novels, and watched the tv series. I listen to these while working, as they are good company. I feel I am hearing the tale of what old friends have been up to. I loved the books; I love the epic story and the audio versions are just as good, if not better, than the written word.