August Books

A fairly respectable number of books in August, no doubt assisted by my new-found liking for audiobooks. Slighly hampered by a bereavement, but whereas I haven't wanted to read, I have been quite happy to listen.

Paradise Valley

by CJ Box

Started 1 August

Finished 10 August

For once not a Joe Pickett novel, but just as enjoyable. Not many of CJ Box's books have disappointed me and this certainly didn't. The descriptions of the countryside are very evocative, something that I always appreciate and find very calming, even in the midst of a thrilling plot. I hadn't read the earlier books in this series, but it didn't matter: I want aware there had been when reading.

The X-Files Cold Cases (audio dramatisation)

I picked this for my August Audible allowance. Yes, I'm a big fan of the TV series, so I was likely to enjoy this, which I did. I would agree with some of the reviews which said that the acting from the main characters was a bit wooden at times: that of David Duchovny particularly. Maybe his style just doesn't translate that well to audio-only. It was great to get back into the X-files world and all the main characters were there, including my favourite, Walter Skinner. Mitch Pileggi has a wonderful voice, I could listen to him for hours!

Bryant & May: Wild Chamber (audiobook)

by Christopher Fowler

Read by Tim Goodman

Started 10 August

Finished 15 August

Good, as always. The most recent Bryant and May. Rambling at times, but then so is Mr Bryant. These are stories to savour rather than rush. They unfold gently and I find the audiobooks quite transport me into the world of the Peculiar Crimes Unit.

The Hunter's Prayer (audiobook)

by Kevin Wignall

Read by Karen Cass

Started 15 August

Finished 15 August

I like Kevin Wignall's books and I very much enjoyed this one - I listened to it in one sitting! I felt the ending was a little unsatisfactory, most likely because it wasn't what I expected. For the most part, it was tense, surprising and an interesting study of two people on different paths in life.

The Fountain of Daphne

by William Gordon (Bill Kitson)

Started 16 August

Finished 20 August

Enjoyable, but within a few pages a man and a woman have been introduced to the reader and I'm thinking "are they going to end up getting together ". I don't want to spoil the ending, so suffice to say I enjoyed the story. It was, perhaps, a little predictable, slightly grown-up Mills & Boon, but I was interested in the characters and the setting was beautifully described. That and the book was sold in aid of charity.

The Traitor's Story

by Kevin Wignall (audiobook)

Read by Simon Vance

Started 20 August

Finished 20 August

A day in bed thanks to illness got me through the whole of this book. I enjoyed it, as I do most of Kevin Wignall's books. A well-paced story, switching between the past and the present, drawing the threads together well. Narration was good, too. Simon Vance has a very pleasant voice and he made the various characters stand out just enough.

The Mysterious Mr Quinn

by Agatha Christie (audiobook)

read by Hugh Fraser

Started 26 August

Finished 27 August

One of my favourite novels, so I was happy to see it on offer with Audible. I passed some relaxing hours enjoying the tales of Mr Satterthwaite's encounters with Mr Harley Quinn. For me, the stories never get old. Can't go too far wrong with Hugh Fraser as a reader, either.