July Books

July has been a better month, partly because I have started listening to some audiobooks, which is something I can do whilst working - to a point.

Silent as the Grave

by Bill Kitson

Started 31 May

Finished 14 July

This book isn't so long, or tedious, that it took me six weeks to get through it; rather I haven't been in the mood for reading, for personal reasons.

This book is the first in a series called "The Eden House Mysteries" and I have more of them queued up. The author is a friend of a friend and on the strength of this book, the recommendation was quite appropriate. I found this book most enjoyable and a decent thriller.

Holy Island

by L J Ross

Started 18 July

Finished 20 July

Narration by Jonathan Keeble

I listened to this, rather than read it. The narration was fine and overall the book was ok. I found it a little clich├ęd, with rather stereotypical characters, so I'm not sure I will read any more in the series. Parts of the story seemed rather far-fetched, and, in that respect it wasn't the way I expected a story set on Lindisfarne to develop, so for that very reason it jarred a little with me.

Stillhouse Lake

by Rachel Caine

Started 17 July

Finished 22 July

This was June's Kindle first, so I'm playing catch-up. The story starts with quite a jolt. The main character's confusion and then shock/horror were conveyed rather well. Then the novel gives the reader a good glimpse into the world of the main character: always on the move, to avoid the repercussions of what her ex-husband did. The author conveys that claustrophobic existence well and then things ramp up. The reader is carried along on the journey. Yes, maybe there are some flaws in the book, but really it's a very good thriller which I enjoyed. I have pre-ordered the sequel.

Strange Tide

by Christopher Fowler

Started 18 July

Finished 27 July

Narration by Tim Goodman

Another audiobook and another in the Bryant and May series. Always good books, but I didn't feel this was one of the best. Others I would read again, but not this one. I enjoyed it though, and the narration was good.

Little Boy Found

by L K Fox

Started 25 July

Finished 30 July

This is a very different style of book from the Bryant and May series - yes L K Fox is a pseudonym used by Christopher Fowler for this book. It's good, although I'm not sure I liked the ending. That said, I'm not sure I was supposed to. The story is told by two different people. Well, really they are relating their own stories, which, as might be expected, cross over later in the novel. Actually, they cross over sooner, but that isn't apparent until much later on. It's an intriguing tale and I didn't catch on to a few things until perhaps later then I was meant to. It was a mystery carefully unwrapped by the author. A good read and I look forward to more in this style by one of my favourite authors.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

by Dana Stabenow

Started 27 July

Finished 31 July

Narrated by Marguerite Gavin

I generally enjoy Dana Stabenow's books set in Alaska and this was no exception. It is the third (of four) in the Liam Cunningham series. Another decent thriller which develops the main characters a little more. Stabenow's style is simple and engaging. These are as good to listen to as they are to read; the narrator differentiates between characters well and really brings the story to life.