May Books

Another fairly poor effort by me in May. I'm struggling with insomnia and am to have lost my reading mojo again; apparently I'd rather lie around and fret than lose myself in a good book.

Vicious Circle by CJ Box

Started 24 April

Finished 7 May

As ever, a good read, about familiar characters. This latest Joe Pickett novel picked up on a thread from earlier novels, but if you haven't read the earlier books, that doesn't matter. I always enjoy CJ Box's books, particularly ones set in the wide open spaces and mountains of the US. I find the depiction of that environment soothing.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Started 8 May 2017

Finished 30 May 2017

I enjoyed the majority of this book. It was an entertaining tale of families in a nice area of Australia. It was clear that the narrative was leading up to an event, as there were interjections from characters from after the event. Equally it was clear that a death was involved. I didn't guess who and I didn't guess why. Unfortunately, once the book reached that point, it then seemed to end quickly, in contrast to the slower build-up. It left me feeling like "oh, it's over then". All resolved a bit too quickly and neatly.