November Books

This month started well, but after my second book I lost interest in reading again. I started a couple of books, but stopped each of them after a few pages. This loss of interest has coincided with an increase in insomnia and general anxiety symptoms. At least I have a barometer for how I'm feeling: as long as I'm happy to end my day with my nose in a book, then I'm doing ok. Let's see if I can pick things up again in December.

Ocean of Storms by Christopher Mari & Jeremy K Brown

Started 1 November
Finished 4 November

This was my choice of book from the November Kindle First program. I am generally wary of books which list two authors, but the story synopsis intrigued me.

The first part contained short, time-stamped sections, jumping between parts of the story. It did a good job of setting the scene, but felt a little disjointed - the sections could have been longer. However, it helped to convey the sense of urgency though.

Once the story settled in, it was more evenly paced, moving from space, back to earth & then it became a more traditional adventure story. By no means a classic, but fun.

Poisonfeather by Matthew Fitzsimmons

Started 4 November
Finished 13 November

I don't think I enjoyed this as much as the first book in the series, but it was still entertaining. It became more entertaining as it went along, but the sub-plot seemed to overtake the main plot, which left me feeling slightly unsatisfied. I think somewhere along the line I missed the point, somehow.