February Books

Again, not too many books read, although I have caught up a bit - and bought some more to add to my list.

Fire and Ice (Liam Cunningham 1) Dana Stabenow

I enjoyed this more than the Kate Shugak book I read from the same author, as the main character interested me more. I may well read more in the series.
The only thing that jarred was what seemed like a forced attempt to get a reference to the title in, right at the end of the novel. Otherwise, it was a decent enough thriller, set in Alaska.

Fields of Wrath - Mark Wheaton

This was one of the January Kindle first selections and is labelled as the first in the Luis Chavez series, so presumably more to come. Our hero is a priest in the US. I have to say I was suspicious and wondered if I would enjoy the story, but my concerns were unfounded. This is a good read, so much so that it prompted a few early nights so I could curl up under the duvet with my Kindle. It's a thriller, as are most of the books I read. We are introduced to Father Chavez and gain some understanding of his background, but all that fits in with the main plot nicely. I will look out for other books by this author.

Little Sister - Giles O'Bryen

February's Kindle first choice. Wow, the violence depicted was pretty graphic. Made me wince more than once. That aside, the story was good, interesting, topical and I enjoyed it. I wondered at the start if it was going to be a bit patronising in tone, but I think that was scene-setting for international readers.
This, too, could be the first of a series of books about the lead character and I might well read others.