It has been one of those days (weeks/months even).

So far I have managed to forget - yet again - that taking a photo in portrait alignment is worse than pointless if you want to use it in a blog post, as most of the time it gets rotated to display in landscape. I have been caught by this before and had it explained to me by people who understand these things. At least this time I have made myself a note, in both Evernote and Onenote. 

WordPress is hanging on uploading a photo (correctly oriented). I don't use it often and I'm now reminded why!

Windows 10 decided to tell me it was downloading today: it told me that last month, I just didn't install it. Perhaps that's the penalty ; if you download and don't install, every month or so it will download again, just to fill up my hard drive and hammer my already pretty measly internet connection.

I have decided I like iOS 9 though, apart from the little hiccup of an ad blocker app being withdrawn from sale a day after I buy one. There are some useful features in the new OS, ones that I am already using quite a lot. 

I am now starting a week off work, which is a great relief. Less of a relief was that most of my systems crashed towards the end of the day, so I was unable to finish some things I wanted to do. File that one away with the other annoying work things that have happened this week. It just seems that no matter how good, how helpful, some people are never satisfied… But enough of that, I'm on holiday now and I don't intend to get into an argument (with myself) on the internet about the correct amount of gratitude that should be shown by people who are, essentially, living off handouts. I want to look forward to some days out in the early Autumn sunshine and a visit from my best friend. What's that? Yup, the forecast is mostly for rain. Of course it is.

I think I should quit while I'm (mostly) ahead - and see if Evernote will offer these musings up to my blog in the near future…