Simple Pleasures

Yesterday I stood for a while in the kitchen, looking out into the back garden. I was mesmerised by the activity at the nyjer seed feeder.  I put a small, two-bird, feeder up last year, not expecting to see much activity. The large, general, seed feeder I have sees very few visitors (which is a shame, as I have plenty of feed for it).  However, soon some beautiful goldfinches started to eat the nyjer seed and regular activity has continued at this feeder. Note to self: buy a larger one.

Last night the feeder had two birds at it, noshing away. A third was on the washing line nearby, with a fourth sitting on the neighbouring garage roof. Bird 3 hopped from the washing line to the top of the bracket the feeder hangs from. Bird 4 took his place on the washing line. Bird 3 then hopped down from the top of the bracket to perch on the hook part. He then peered intently at the occupants of the feeder for a few moments, hanging a quite a crazy angle. Next he hopped down on to the top of the feeder itself. One of the occupants looked up then flew away, allowing Bird 3 to take his place. Bird 4 was still waiting his turn, sitting on the washing line. 

Bird 3 amused me. He looked like a cheeky chappie. For all I know he was a bully and was making threatening moves towards the other finches, but I like to think not. I chuckled every time he moved that little bit closer to his goal.  Simple pleasures.