Diamine Imperial Purple Ink

Diamine Imperial Purple

Wow, the paper has come out very grey in this shot - the bottom half of the same photo as the Misty Blue Ink!  Even so, I think the ink colour shows reasonably well.  

I really like this colour.  I'm a big fan of purple, but also very fussy about the shade.  So many purples are too blue, or far too pink.  This has a nice balance - deserving the "Imperial" name, in my opinion.

I have loaded this into my Parker Rialto, which is a medium nib and a very nice pen to write with.  I can see myself using this colour for writing short notes, or greetings cards, quite happily.   It may well get pressed into use to add small areas of colour to some Zentangle work that I do.  In short; a generally useful ink to have.  Yes, very pleased with this one.