Evaluating the Nexus 7

Day 4 of my Nexus 7 experience. So far, so good.I have an iPad2, so a lot of my efforts so far have been spent ensuring that the basic things I have come to depend on with the iPad are replicated on the N7. I also have an Android phone so I wanted to have some correlation to things I have on there. I use the iPad for recording music, so have quite a few apps on it that I wouldn't want put on the N7, partly because of its reduced storage, but mostly because it is smaller and realistically, for me, the iPad is about as small as I would want to go in terms of screen size when editing tracks.I have found a reasonable note-taking app, a markdown text editor, a journal and quite a few things that give me similar functionality to what I have on the iPad. Some of the apps aren't as full-featured (thinking of a couple of markdown apps I have, which I love). To be honest, I also have little interest in installing programming apps either. I will stick with the iPad for those. Broadly then, I have a device with a simply stunning screen, which fits in my handbag much more easily and is considerably cheaper than an iPad mini, which was the other option.So far, so good, as the saying goes. I think the killer feature so far has to be the excellent keyboard. The ability to swipe out your words is beautifully implemented here. My only previous experience of something familiar was on my old Galaxy S, when it was inaccurate and froze up regularly. The N7 gets it pretty much spot on, in my opinion. I think Apple is missing a trick on this.Addendum: had a little strop when I discovered my preferred Android ADN app didn't support 2048 characters in messages, but I have found one that does,for a whole 99p. That's good, given my support to another dev.