Thought you meant me, for a minute ? I don’t know if someone was doing stuff using the UK server or if Google was just being an arse. It was happy enough with the Irish server though. Hey ho. I don't actually need it, but it auto-connects on my desktop. Had to disconnect though, as I'm downloading a game update & ArenaNet doesn't like VPNs.

Oooh. Not had one of those for years.Yummy!


Odd that Tunnelbear says my closest tunnel is Germany. Related to Google's blocking antics with the UK server the other week? I wonder.

Nice. I like a weekend walk in the park with a coffee in hand. Today it's the last of York Coffee Emporium's Fawkes blend in the Aeropress. Only trouble with coffee is that it makes me want a biscuit. Tea doesn't have that effect.


OK. Good point, actually. ?

I haven't in the past, but found it the other day so will be in the future.

Quite likely. Heck, I'm an escapee from London (most recently). Although not quite in my dotage yet. What's the latest rumour - no retiring until age 75 or something?

It does, although it is based in Poole. It's actually a very good one. I know, it is a surprise, cos it's not Birmingham, London or Manc, after all.

Way past my bedtime, but I tend not to sleep all that well. Plus I'm enjoying the book I'm reading. ?

And me ?