Don't have Chrome on my S5 Neo, so tried Opera. That wasn't good. Guess I'll have to try a different browser if I want to use this on phone. ?
No idea how to screenshot, so photo taken with iPad. Unusable.

// ![image.jpeg](//

What device/browser?


Although my avatar appears to have rotated 90 degrees. Bad Lenovo!

Ooh, not blocked by work site restrictions :)

Just starred your post. Shows up a nice blue for me on iPad. Not tried with Nexus or phone yet.


Yeah, it stays and the right hand side is off-screen. image.png

I'm using a tablet & I did find I had to turn it to landcape to see some things.

Hooray. As of today I am debt-free (within-month credit card spending aside).

My work jobby is a Lenovo T410. Bit old now, but still functioning just fine. I do like the feel of its keyboard, although I tend to use it on a riser, with my Blackwidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard.

I revalidated my token but I'm not using it much now. Copy/paste from Onenote is my route.